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Mikey’s story highlights the importance that real food can make for the health and well-being of our pets.

Mikey is a 7 1/2-year-old neutered male King Cavalier Charles Spaniel. The first time I saw Mikey was December 27th, 2018, he weighed 13.7 Ibs. He was brought to me for a third opinion about his condition. He had been diagnosed with severe Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). About 6 months prior to his visit with me, he started to have bloody diarrhea, 5-6 bowel movements per day, losing weight, and was eating his own stool. He had been on Hill’s Z/D (prescription diet ), prednisone (steroid), atopic
(immuno-suppressive drug) and a probiotic. From a whole pet/holistic Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine perspective, I diagnosed him with both Spleen and Blood deficiency. I did not want to complicate his case, so I did not take him off any of his current medications. I just added slippery elm, Wei Ling Tang and injectable Vitamin B12.

Three days later, on December 31st, 2018, Mikey was brought back to the clinic because he was now vomiting in addition to having bloody diarrhea, and was extremely lethargic or weak. After running additional diagnostics, I diagnosed him not only with severe IBD but also suspected pancreatitis and protein-losing enteropathy.

Mikey was gravely ill, and the owners were considering euthanasia. We agreed to start aggressive treatment and re-evaluate along the way. We began by weaning him off the Hill’s Z/D and feeding him boiled chicken and rice.

Over the next several months, his diet was completely transitioned to a balanced home-cooked diet while all pharmaceutical medications such as the prednisone and Atopica were stopped. One year later, on December 23, 2019, Mikey weighed 21. 6 Ibs

It took a year to detoxify Mikey’s body.

There were at times some setbacks as we adjusted medications, but we could all see that Mikey was getting stronger and healthier. Today, Mikey lives with his Italian “grandmother” who cooks all his meals. He is not on any medications, he is currently 24.1 lbs, and he looks fantastic.

Mikey S.

My first visit to adorable pets 5/14/22. Well worth my time and money. Willis and I were very impressed not only with Dr. Bernie but with the entire staff as well. It was very obvious to us that they truly care about what they do-helping animals live a better life. We will be back.

William Zajac

I cant believe I finally Found the Perfect Vet, Dr Bernie .Maggie was treated so well and she did not freak. All the Staff were the Best too. I had to call and ask questions and they always called me back very fast. Dr. Michacl Solomon was wonderful and explained everything to me in Detail. Tech Assistant Amazing and Amber , Wendy and Staff Thank You

Joyce DeAngelo

We’ve never met a team that cares so much for our animals! Dr. Bernie and her staff go above and beyond to make sure our pets are comfortable at every visit, and empower us to be better pet parents with a ton of resources. We never feel like we’re being rushed through an appointment, or being asked to pay for services we don’t need. Excellent communication (email and phone check-ins and reminders), and easy to make appointments and confirm information.

Ash Pierce

We are very pleased with Adorable Pets Veterinary. Dr. Bernie and her A-Team all give 110%. They are accessible, attentive, responsive, measured, and expertly informed in their course of treatment. We couldn’t be happier with their care.

Kim Barker-Craven

We have used Adorable Pets now for years and are very pleased. They have a compassionate approach to people and their pets. We bring a dog and a cat to the practice and they are wonderful with both. I like their use if both Eastern and Western medicine. Our dog is currently recovering from a pulled tendon and is taking an antiinflammatory with the support of healing herbs to help rebuild the tendons health. A great approach!!

Alexa Jamieson

We recently took Ruby to be spayed at Adorable Pets – the staff took great care of her from the time we dropped her off until we picked her up- They called during the day to informs of her surgery and also the next day to check on her recovery. The after care instructions and charges were all explained in detail and there were no surprises. Br Bernie is a skilled surgeon ~ by the way that Ruby is recovering so quickly confirms this!

Mary Claire Maeder