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Pet Second Opinion Consultation

The vets at Adorable Pets Veterinary Center have the training and experience to give you and your pet a second opinion on a condition, diagnosis, or course of treatment.

Not all veterinarians practice medicine the same way, so you might want to talk about an alternate drug or hear about other possibilities for treating your pet.


Pet Second Opinion Consultation in Haddam, CT

Getting a second opinion has numerous advantages, one of which is the assurance that you have chosen the best diagnosis and course of action for your pet.
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Pet Second Opinion Consultation

Did you take your pet for a visit recently and would like to speak with another veterinarian about their health or diagnosis? The veterinarians at Adorable Pets Veterinary Center are experienced and qualified to offer you and your pet a second opinion about their health, diagnosis, or treatment plan. Not all veterinarians practice medicine in the same way, and maybe you would like to discuss an alternative medication or would like to hear about other treatment options for your pet. There are many benefits to getting a second opinion, including the peace of mind that you have the best diagnosis and treatment plan for your pet.

Veterinary Services in Haddam, CT

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